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In collaboration with Malcesine Transfer various possibilities  to meet all your mobility needs
Chef-Patron of Vecchia Malcesine, one Michelin star: eclectic, volcanic, histrionic and determined. Of South Tyrolean origin, he immediately knew how to interpret and make his own the raw materials of the lake area. In keeping with his personal creative approach, he does not play with the nuances of flavours, but decides his own way, without mediation.
You can try an exclusive menu
In the magical atmosphere of Lake Garda overlooking the small port of Malcesine and the splendid Palazzo dei Capitani, the café-restaurant-pizzeria Italia da Nikolas proposes a bar service with handcrafted products and its renowned menu based on sea fish
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The area surrounding the lake is a particularly suitable area for the cultivation of vines.
In a fertile and healthy land, the Madonna delle Vittorie winery cultivates 26 hectares of Guyot vineyards and produces fresh and fruity white wines, ar
monious and fragrant and a selection of excellent sparkling wines,including the renowned Brut Trento DOC
Garda classic Malcesine
Discovering the wonders of Lake Garda driving a classic Italian car.

Umberto's restaurant It was born as an inn in the very first years of the last century, an ideal and usual meeting place for fishermen and sailors. With the completion of the Gardesana road, the flow of people increases, but the place remains the same as always. In 1963 the turning point came with UNCLE UMBERTO who, after some experiences abroad, returned to CASTELLETTO full of novelties. It is a triumph of colours, flowers and happiness with which the port comes alive and the first tourists arrive. House lasagne, trout and whitefish become the "main courses" of the restaurant which, thus, continues its rise until the end of the 80s

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